The Advantages of Wall Hung Toilets

martinosons Wall Hung Toilets

One of the most often taken for granted parts of the home is the bathroom. While people usually spend a lot of time and money on the living room, the bedroom, and the kitchen, the bathroom usually only gets the left over funds and time for improvement. The result is usually a bathroom that is cluttered, too plain looking and uncomfortable to use.
If you want the best looking and most comfortable bathroom for your home, you will want to focus on the toilet that you will be using in it. The toilet is the part of the bathroom that takes up a lot of space, and is also one that you or anybody who uses your bathroom will surely notice as soon as one goes in.

While conventionally designed toilets are great in terms of functionality and are also very economical in terms of cost, they are not the best types of toilets that are available today. At present, there are a number of toilet designs that you can choose from, and these toilets do have a number of aesthetic and functional advantages over the usual designs that you may be accustomed to seeing or using.

One of the more popular designs is the wall hung toilets. While this design is very common in high end hotels and establishments, these types of toilets have been available to the public just a few years ago, with more and more people choosing to use these toilets in the bathrooms of their own homes. Not only is this design popular, but there are also a lot of positive wall hung toilets review that you can read up on the internet as well as on a number of publications like home improvement magazines and books.
The biggest advantage of this type of toilet is the look. As the name goes, the toilet is mounted on a wall and does not rely on contact with the floor in order to keep it stable. This gives the wall hung toilet a unique look that a lot of people will surely find to be pleasing. Since wall hung toilets are a fairly recent introduction to the public, a majority of these toilets also features modern and sleek designs that a lot of people seem to consider as beautiful.

Due to this type of design, wall hung toilets are also very economical when it comes to the space utilized inside the bathroom. Wall hung toilets’ tanks and flushing mechanisms are embedded into the wall, which allows the toilet pan itself to be flush to the fall, saving a lot of space. This makes wall hung toilets perfect for bathrooms that are quite cramped.

Conventional toilets usually have their plumbing sticking out on the bottom part of the pan. Not only can this make the pan look cluttered or dirty, it can also make cleaning the surrounding area difficult to clean. Wall hung toilets do not attach to the floor, which makes it easy to pass a map through this space, which should make cleaning the toilet itself and the surrounding area much easier to do.

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