Reviewing Trail Cameras

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Trail cameras which are sometimes also referred to as wildlife chase cameras are specialized cameras which can be left along trails in order to catch photos of wildlife in its natural habitat, doing what comes naturally to it when there are no humans around. These cameras can often be located on trees or elsewhere but often a photographer may make a special “hide” for it. The cameras will automatically take photos when prompted by a motion sensor, alleviating the need for human presence.

A Wildlife Chase camera guide and trail camera review websites can be found online and here are some examples of the cameras featured on at least one of those websites:

TEC.Bean 12MP 1080P Game and Trail Hunting Camera

This is considered the best trail camera by at least one of the review sites and so is worth checking out. It has wide angle capabilities, 120 degrees and a distance of 75’. It has good water protection design and has a very rapid trigger speed.


  • Adjustable sensor to change the sensitivity
  • Waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof
  • Provides good images of both black and white at night and color during the day


  • Automatic data removal feature may not be popular
  • Re-chargeable batteries are not able to be used and so the battery life is short

ENKEEO PH730S Trail Camera 1080P 12MP HD Wildlife Game Hunting Cam

This is also a popular trail camera according to the review sites, possibly because, as the sites point out, it is very reasonably priced for a camera with so many features, making it good value for money.


  • Low price
  • 4” display
  • Black low-glow infrared lights
  • Good battery life on standby


  • Limited effectiveness in cold weather
  • Short warranty
  • Difficult to understand the menu

VENLIFE Trail Camera, 12MP Full HD 1080P 90° PIR Sensor Wildlife Hunting Camera

Although having a very reasonable price, this trail camera matches many of the more expensive ones in its number of features including being waterproof and having a fast trigger action. Its seven buttons remote is also unusual and impressive


  • 2” screen
  • Double waterproof protection
  • Password protection


  • The instructions are complex
  • Batteries not included
  • Needs micro SD card

AKASO 14MP Trail Camera Night Vision 1080P Hunting Camera

This camera has a very fast trigger speed and as well as having very good images, also has very good audio. It also has a detection range of up to 65’.


  • Low price
  • 4 inch LCD display
  • Hybrid photo/video capturing


  • Only uses micro SD cards
  • No GPS
  • Low performance in low temperatures

Bushnell 16MP Trophy Cam HD Essential E3 Trail Camera

This camera has a red-glow flash which helps with night photographs and has one of the fastest trigger speeds. It also has multiple settings for ease of use.


  • Great daytime images
  • Fast trigger speed
  • User-friendly


  • Sometimes faulty recovery time
  • Low-quality night shots
  • Poor battery life

Although only 5 cameras are listed here, most of the review sites will show their results for more.

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