Reviewing Kitchen Faucets

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Although almost every product or service available today seems to have been reviewed by at least one website online, it is only recently that any reviews would have to have been carried out on kitchen faucets as their design has basically remained the same for over three thousand years and it is only in the last half-century that designs have changed meaning prior to then, no reviews would have been necessary.

The kitchen faucets reviewed today though do have more than one basic design which needs to be reviewed and so like with so many other products today, a review site for these faucets can be very useful when buying a new faucet. Although there are now several different designs for these faucets the vast majority of them follow two main designs, the Minoan design which has been in existence since the 1700s BC and the newer Moen design which has only been in existence since 1947.

Probably one of the main differences between the original Minoan faucet and a modern-day faucet is that the Minoan faucets were usually made from silver, gold or marble which of course is too expensive for most modern tastes although some are still produced made from these same materials. The Romans that also used the Minoan design for faucets were perhaps a little less restrictive but even they used to make their faucets from silver and even then, often used gold or marble for their fittings.

Today we are fortunate to have faucets made out of cheaper materials which have led to every home now having a faucet in their kitchen. Although the Minoan faucets may have been around for many centuries, it is the Moen faucets which seem to be increasingly more popular as today, more than 50% of all homes in the United States are fitted with the Moen faucets as opposed to the Minoan ones. The basic difference between the two is that the Minoan faucets feature tow faucets, one for hot and one for cold, the Moen designed faucets only feature a single faucet for both hot and cold.

The Moen faucets were first designed by Moen in 1947 after he was prompted to creating a new design for faucets after he scalded his hand using a traditional one. It actually took him 10 years to come up with the new design but once he did it received immediate popularity as after just 12 years of being available on the market, over 55 countries had them and there were over one million homes in the US alone that featured them.

Today, however, there are far more than just the two designs and different manufacturers may use the same designs but different materials and different styles and so a review site for kitchen faucets is, or can be, a very useful thing especially if someone is considering remodeling their kitchen and so wants to choose faucets that will hopefully not only suit the newly designed kitchen but may also enhance it.

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