Professional Window Replacement

Many people replace the windows in their homes in order to hopefully reduce their monthly heating bills and provided that they have the windows installed by a professional, they usually succeed in saving as much as $500 per year. Of course in order to make these savings they spend, on average, $12,000 for the replacement windows meaning it takes a few years for them to recoup their investment. The reason why so much can be saved is because most houses built prior to the 1960s, only had single pane windows which are far less efficient at retaining the heat inside than the double paned windows of today are. Although these savings should be made, some people do not make as much as they tried to DIY the installations or had a contractor that wasn’t proficient, install them. This is a more common problem than what most people may think as the results of a study of professional Window Replacement contractors showed that 67% were not qualified to replace windows or were not adequately or appropriately insured to do so. Since the study’s results were published, home owners have been advised to choose their contractor with care when wanting window replacements, first they should confirm that the contractor is licenced and insured to carry out the task and then perhaps even check out some reviews for that contractor’s work online.

It isn’t everybody that can afford the $12,000 to replace their windows and unfortunately it is usually those same people that could most use a reduction in their heating bills. For those people that cannot afford the $12,000 or those that would just rather not pay it, they can still make savings in their heating bills if they inspect their windows and ensure that they are effective as they were manufactured to be, perhaps by changing the caulking or adding weather stripping where needed. This will not save them as much as replacing the windows would but it may make significant savings.

For some people, replacement windows are not a viable option even if they could afford it as, the type of windows that are in their houses are ones that are best suited to that particular design of house and any changes may reduce the house’s value. This is because prior to the 1960s when double paned windows were first introduced, people would choose windows for their looks rather than for their energy efficiency. This meant that many widows were specifically designed for the house they are in and some may even be stained glass. Obviously even though a double paned window may be more efficient on saving heating costs, if they do not fit the look of the house, the value of the house will decrease accordingly.

Before anyone replaces their windows though, due to the cost involved, they should check their present windows to see if they are in need of repairs as sometimes, repairing windows alone can make significant savings on heating and will be far less expensive than new windows will cost.

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