Making the Most of Your AC

martinosons air conditioning repair tips

If you want to make the most of your air conditioning unit, you must ensure that not only is it cleaned regularly, both inside and out but also have it checked once a year, preferably just prior to the hotter weather starting. Most units are pretty reliable and once they have been checked and had a routine maintenance before the hot season starts, should remain efficient throughout the warmer months. As it is a fact of life though that if something is going to go wrong with your unit, it will always seem to be on the hottest day of the year and so for just such an event, it is best to keep the number of the contractor that carried out your routine maintenance, close at hand. You will know from the contractors previous work as to how reliable they are and that is very important to have the number of a contractor that is reliable because perhaps surprisingly, as many as 65% of HVAC repair businesses are little more than a scam. This is a figure that was reported after a Milwaukee heating & cooling 2015 investigation was carried out and there is no reason to suspect that similar figures would not be arrived at elsewhere in the country. The reason why scammers are so prevalent in this sector of business is because scammers know that people are at their most gullible when they are over heated, such as in a situation where their AC unit has stopped working and their office or home has become intolerably hot.

When initially looking for a reliable and honest contractor, some of the things you may want to check are, do they have a valid business address as well as a cell phone number, how long have they been in business under that name. These are important as sometimes a scammer will just place an ad in a newspaper with a cell number and not actually live in the area. If a scammer has been operating for some time, they may keep changing their business name in order to stay one step ahead of legal actions being taken. It is worth asking them if they have a licence and insurance to carry out their type of work and it may also be helpful if they are a member of some organization as membership to many, often requires their own qualifications like certain amounts of specific training courses. All these can be useful but often there is nothing better than a recommendation from one of your good friends. If they offer to show recommendations of their own, you should check how old the recommendations are and follow up at least two of them to ensure that they are genuine. As some contractors charge extreme prices, especially in the hot season, it is best to get quotes from them out of season and check their quotes against two others to ensure that their prices are fair and reasonable.

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