Installation Tips For Kitchen Backsplash

martinosons Kitchen Backsplash

It is fun to pick out a color or type of tile for your backsplash. There are lots of times to choose from and they can be made of different materials. There are lots of designs that you can choose to be your backsplash design and you can get ideas just by simply looking at it online. The hard part of it all is the actual installation of the backsplash. No worries, you can hire kitchen fitters London to help do all the hard work for you. But before you finalize your design, here are some things that you should think about first.

• The Countertops That You Will Be Using – Before you finalize the material to be used for your backsplash, you should first know what material you are going to use for your countertop this is because the countertop will be used in all throughout your kitchen. It is the material that would be more costly as compared to your backsplash so you should choose to compromise the backsplash instead of the countertop. Lastly, the backsplash can come in different designs and there are really a lot to choose from so there are multiple backsplash ideas that you can match with the countertops.

• The Size Of Your Kitchen Backsplash – In order for you to build a backsplash, you need to make sure that there is space for a backsplash in your kitchen. You must make sure that you install the countertop first before you install your backsplash so that you can really fix the height of your backsplash. The size of your backsplash should also be proportional to the size of your kitchen.

• Your Electrical Outlets – The location of your switches or electrical outlets should also be looked into. Sometimes, they can interfere with your backsplash because they are found in the location where you are to place your backsplash. It is important that you work around it by covering it with paint or cover plates especially if you are not really planning to do a whole lot of renovation in your kitchen. You can also simply turn the outlet so that it is installed horizontally so that you can have more space available for your backsplash. If you are building your kitchen from scratch, then this wouldn’t really be a problem at all.

• Your Cabinets – The position where your cabinets are installed might be blocking or be a hindrance to your backsplash. If you are just renovating your kitchen, you may choose to move your cabinets up to about 20-24 inches so that you can have more space for your new backsplash design. Although you can raise your cabinets, you should still consider the difficulty of reaching whatever it is that you place in the top shelves. You should also consider the cabinet’s length and that raising them might cause you to lose the space between your cabinets and the ceiling. Most people use this space to place some plants, ceramics or other glassware that can also be used as decoration for your kitchen.

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