Garage Doors and their Advantages and Disadvantages

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The evolution of garage doors follows the technological evolution of the world. Hence, in the sixties and the seventies, the most popular garage doors were the swing-up garage doors. Yet, with the progress of remote control technology and the advancement in mechanics, the advent of more modern garage doors becomes a reality.
When it comes to garage doors, you will always have different choices as to which type you would like to install in your garage. If you like an obsolete design, you can opt for the swing-up garage doors. Likewise, you can choose the more modern types of garage doors such as the roll up garage doors and side-sliding garage doors.
Each type of garage doors has its own advantages and disadvantages. Hence, before you opt for any type of garage door for your home, you should take into consideration these advantages and disadvantages, so that you can figure out which is the most suitable type of garage door for your house.

Disadvantages and Advantages of Each Type of Garage Door
• The retractable garage door is increasingly becoming popular nowadays because it is a reliable type of garage door. Likewise, it can be easily converted to a remote-controlled garage door. This door has lifting arms at the side which pulls the door upward using tension springs. Additionally, the door opens inwardly towards the garage. The disadvantage associated with this type of garage door is very obvious. The width of drive through is reduced, considering the fact that the position of the lifting arms are inside the sub-frame. Hence, before choosing this type of garage door, you should thoroughly measure the possible reduction in the width of the garage space to see if the diminished space would readily allow your cars to safely drive through.

• The canopy up and over type of garage obvious is another popular type garage doors. However, it is slowly going out of use. It is termed canopy because the door panel rises up like a canopy when the door opens. Using torsion spring, the door panel is lifted via the steel cables at the side. The disadvantages of the use of this garage door is that it is unsafe sometimes, especially, if the door panel is more than 8 feet wide. Moreover, if the cables are already worn out, the panel might be accidentally dislodged causing damage to your car or injury to people. You will surely need a garage spring replacement help to ensure that your garage door is safe.

• Sectional garage door is increasing becoming the choice garage door nowadays. It has obvious advantages over the other types of garage doors, for it is easy to open and there are no protrusions outside. Likewise, it is very secure against break in, and is smoothly operated. It can also be remotely operated. However, sometimes the movement of the panels upward can be very noisy. Moreover, the cost of this type of garage door can be a bit higher as compared to other types of garage door.

• Lastly, there is the side-sliding door which is easy to operate, secured, and can be remotely controlled. Moreover, it provides higher security for your home. However, there are limited range of finishes and designs on this type of garage doors.

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