Decorate Your Pond Today

martinosons pond decoration

If you truly want to benefit from your fishpond, you should decorate it. That’s so it would look aesthetically beautiful. When you’d have a pool of water in your property that is great to look at, it would be possible for you to have a spot in your home that you could watch to relax or that you could show off to the people who would be coming over. If you’re serious about having a fishpond that you could be proud of, you should try to place things on your pond that would boost its appeal. If you’re interested to know what exactly would be great for you to place in your home’s waterhole, please keep reading.

For you to have something that’s wonderful to look at in your pond water, you could purchase a fountain. You don’t really have to settle for the cheapest kind or the most expensive model. However, for practicality, you have to select the type that would look best in the pool that you have. Right now, there are many decorative fountains that are available. To get some recommendations, you may want to look for kasco fountain ideas on the web. That’s so you would be able to see suggestions that you may want to take into consideration. On the other hand, to add design to your waterhole and really take good care of it at the same time, it would be ideal for you to purchase the type of fountain that comes with an aerator. If you have the money, though, you may want to check out some of the premium fountains that spray water uniquely too. Pay for the type that you’re comfortable with too. After all, you’d be letting what you’d purchase be installed in your pond so you might as well go for the kind that you won’t have problems with.

Besides concrete objects, you could also try placing plants in your pond so that you would truly have a water garden of your own. Other than having a fountain, you should have a couple of floating and submerged vegetation so that you would have a fishpond that has greens in it that could not only boost the appeal of your waterhole but also keep it maintained. Take note that plants are what certain fishes and insects feed on and they also provide water with oxygen so they’re pretty helpful. If you want to, you could purchase water lilies and other types of plants and then place them in your water garden. Make sure that you only place a reasonable number of greens in your pond, though, since you don’t want to overcrowd it with just plant life.

Of course, to make your pond complete, you have to certain fishes as well. Having fishes dwelling in your fishpond can not only make your waterhole a place that has a great ecosystem but a pool that has things that could entertain people. Basically, there are many types of fish that you could buy for your pond. Right now, you can have koi, carp, catfish, and some other kinds of fish swimming in your fishpond. Aside from getting some water creatures, on the other hand, you still have to purchase food for them too.


The Need for a Fresh Pond

martinosons pond aeration

As a pond is basically a stagnant body of water, it needs to be kept fresh through some kind of aeration system in order for algae to not be able to take over the pond, making it unsightly and smelly. In order to remain fresh, water needs to have contact with the air from which it can draw oxygen as it is a lack of oxygen in the water that will kill any fish life and promote the growth of algae. Any system which allows a body of water to come in regular contact with the air it requires is known as an aeration system and there are several kits available that allow for easy pond aeration. When selecting a kit to use on your pond, you will first have to establish the depth of the pond as there is aeration systems designed for ponds with a depth of no more than 6 feet and others for depths deeper than that. Perhaps one of the most popular aeration systems for a shallow pond is a fountain which, apart from providing a pond with effective aeration, can also improve the look of a pond, giving it character. In recent years floating fountains have started to become popular as they are more versatile, allowing a pond owner to be more expressive in how they want their pond to look.

A fountain is an efficient aeration system as it allows the water that it tosses into the air, to come in contact with that air and thereby receive the oxygen it needs. As the fountain also creates a water circulation, it ensures that all the water in the pond is tossed up on a regular basis. The circulation that the fountain creates though, will only cover the first 6 feet of water and so fountains are not effective in deeper ponds. Another popular aeration system that also creates a circulation in the water of a pond is a propeller system. The propeller system consists of propellers spinning at the surface causing the water to become agitated and in that agitation the water comes into contact with the air and becomes oxygenated. For ponds with a depth of more than 6 feet also need the water at the bottom to be aerated, a diffusion aeration system is recommended. A diffusion system consists of 3 main parts, a compressor, an air hose and a diffusion unit. The diffusion unit is placed at the bottom of the pond but is connected to the compressor at the side of the pond, by the air hose. As power is provided to the compressor it sends air through the hose to the diffusion unit which then releases that air into the water. As air will automatically head for the surface and the diffusion unit is at the bottom of the pond, all the water in the pond has the opportunity to react with that air and thereby receive oxygen, aerating the whole pond regardless of depth.


Aerating your Pond

martinosons aeration

As a stream is constantly running, the water in that stream, as it churns over the rocks, is regularly in contact with the surface where it can receive oxygen from the air however, in the case of a pond, the water is still which means the water at the bottom of that pond never reaches the surface and so has a lack of oxygen. At first the water at the bottom is only deprived of oxygen but as time goes by a larger portion of the pond becomes starved of oxygen and fish that may be in that pond will start to die. Also the lack of oxygen in the water will encourage the growth of algae which can cause the pond to start to become unsightly and will eventually start to give off a foul smelling odour. To ensure that your pond does not degenerate in this manner, you will have to ensure that the water receives adequate oxygen by aerating it. A popular pond aerator is a fountain. A fountain, as it circulates the water in the pond, will ensure that all the water in that pond is adequately aerated but is only effective for shallower ponds, not for ponds which are perhaps deeper than about 5 or 6 feet.

For deeper ponds you will need an aeration system that is specifically designed for deeper waters and these consist of 3 components, a diffuser, a tube and a compressor. The compressor pushes air through the tube to the diffuser which, in order to ensure that all the water in the pond is adequately aerated; is located at the bottom of the pond. Obviously as the air rises through the water, it oxygenates that water and also causes the water to circulate. As the compressor has to push air to the diffuser, obviously it needs an electric motor and as batteries are perhaps a little limited in their use, usually these motors are connected to the mains electricity system. Sometimes though, due to the location of the pond or just because no addition is wanted to the mains electricity bill, other sources of power are provided in the aeration systems. If you have a shallow pond, you may want to get a solar powered system which are effective and can work even if they do not see sunlight for as many as 3 days. For both shallow water and deeper ponds, aeration systems that are powered by windmills are available. As the sails of the windmill rotate, they provide power to the motor and so no addition to the electricity bill is necessary.

Obviously as fountains can add beauty to any pond, they are very popular but it must be stressed that although a fountain can also act as an aeration system as well as an added attraction, they are only effective as aerators for shallow ponds and not for deeper ones however, a deep pond can have a fountain, provided that it also has an additional aeration system, one which is designed for use with deeper waters.

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