Learning about Furniture Buffers

martinosons Furniture Buffers

By now you may have heard about furniture buffers but even if you have, you may not fully understand how convenient and useful they can be, perhaps also saving you money by preventing needless damage to your flooring.

Probably the best way to learn all you should know about these furniture buffers is to go to their official website where you will not only learn about all of their various uses but will also learn where and how you can buy them. Furniture buffers are basically pads which are placed, or rather attached, to the feet of your furniture in order to make that furniture easy to move and to be moved without causing as much as a scratch to your flooring.

The makers of the furniture buffers claim that the furniture, with buffers properly attached, will not cause damage to any type of flooring including linoleum covered floors and hard wood floors and are so confident about this that they provide a lifetime guarantee. Obviously if these pads are to be placed on the feet of furniture and that furniture is moved, the pads have to be strong and so they are as they are made from super compacted felt. Although the felt is super compacted, it is still felt and so is gentle on your floor and will not damage it.

Being super compressed, the felt does not easily frizzle as it usually would and that allows the buffers to be durable, lasting as long as your furniture, never having to be replaced. Although you may fit the buffers in order to be able to easily move the furniture during cleaning, you will certainly appreciate that you did fit them if you ever have to relocate your home as the buffers make moving furniture from one home to another a piece of cake.

Obviously if the pads are expected to stay in place for a long period of time, they have to be attached to the furniture’s feet with a very strong glue but that is not your concern as one side of the pads is already coated in an appropriate glue and so all you have to do is remove the cover from the glue and then place the pads in the position you want them. The pads come in various sizes to accommodate the different sizes of furniture feet but if you need to make any pad smaller, all you will need is a pair of regular scissors so you can snip them down to size.

For the best possible value for money, buy a jumbo pack of pads as that will have in a variety of different sized pads and will ensure you have enough to complete what you want plus, as many other uses have been found for these buffers, you will never find that you have any left, sitting around not being used. They can lift a laptop to allow a better flow of cooling air or when placed on the inside of doors, can stop cupboard doors from slamming loudly but you will probably find your own uses for them.

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